Sunday, March 4, 2018

static vs. breath(ing)

This morning's Skype discussion focused quite a lot on the difference between the stiffness or static requirements for ballet vs. the freedom of contemporary dance. By the end of the discussion  I felt as if breath was being blown into our research topics.

Dance is dance and requires freedom, breath, and emotion no matter the genre. Our research and topics of inquiry may be qualitative in nature but are based on framework or structure. Is this structure quantitative? Is it stiff as most people even in dance perceive ballet to be or is the framework more flowing and open for interpretation? Does objectivity play a role for a researcher to be able to learn from the views of others and any differing views or assertions made by other classmates, colleagues, or respondents/participants in a qualitative research project?

Objectivity is difficult to maintain. Perception is based on perspective. Interpretation is based on many things. When are facts are hard and undeniable?

When I feel frustrated I remind myself to breathe and allow things to occur. Is this embodied practice or somatic thinking?

Or am I rambling this morning from lack of sleep due to the lovely wind storm of the past two days?

Grateful to be alive after the car wreck and excited to have power.

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