Friday, February 9, 2018

understanding fear

The word overwhelming was used by many in today's Skype discussion. My hesitancy to chat is not because I am afraid of saying wrong or silly things, but because I learn from listening and absorbing then digesting. Think before you speak. But then I lose out because I do not get to discuss what I think about the topics in the discussion.

Fear of the unknown appears to be a typical response to any person beginning a new journey in life or Module. So here is a summary of my experience in today's Skype and in this program.

Module One: analysis through improvisation and free writing
Module Two: translation through discovery
Module Three: interpretation through analysis hoping for better understanding

And many people in my first Module thought I was silly when I said translation from American English to British English was important in my study. Brave your fears. I will.


  1. Hi Davis, I never thought that your comment about American/British English was silly, it was a valid point at that time. I have commented on my blog today about the Skypes. My feeling is that we all have a voice and it up to the individual how and when they wish to use it. I too, have been a "listener" more than a "talker" but I'm ready for that to change. I'm determined to use my voice more!

  2. I must not have been in that skype! Can you elaborate on the translation comment? I too have found that to be an important component and I've needed to clarify some things with Helen so I don't accidentally go off on the wrong track from a simple word usage difference.

    And I'm right there with you and listening and processing. I speak up rarely simply because I only speak when I feel I really have something to say and to contribute, and that just doesn't usually happen unless I've either 1) thought through something for a while or 2) feel very strongly about it. Trying to push myself to have something to say for participation's sake is an odd thing to me. I want to contribute frequently, but I'm also beginning to accept that taking my time with a response can be a great benefit.