Saturday, February 10, 2018

mixed emotions

Today's Skype discussion was a mixture of fear, excitement, and enthusiasm. The excitement and enthusiasm were catching and most everyone seemed upbeat at the end of the discussion.

As someone who regularly sees the glass as half empty I was energized by the general consensus of people stating "it is okay to fail." As I have mentioned in past blogs I despise improvisation, free writing, and reflection. However, recognizing this about myself has led me to meet the challenge of exploration almost head on.

I am in progress. Learning takes time and I plan to enjoy this journey.


  1. Davis ditto!! I am so excited to be continuing on this learning journey. It is humbling to realise the groups shared vulnerability and how self-doubt in the beginning was widespread. Honesty and open dialogue will open up more possibilities in our research for Module 2 which is just great! I am determined to offer support to the new Module 1's or just a springboard. We are all in fact striving for this and can provide far more support to each other than we have so far. Welcome back and I will look forward to exchanging notes in the next semester.

    1. I would make a separate comment but this says it better than I would. I totally agree; we can all provide far more support than we have been and I'm looking forward to finding ways to make it happen!

  2. It's hard to come to terms that 'failing' is ok, I truly have realised that reflecting on events and my learning really does help learn and inform my future decisions and practice I don't see it as failing just another experiential learning scenario!
    Felt so energised and enthusiastic after the 1st Skype back, i agree with others yes we need to look within the community more for support and help each other we are all working towards the same goal- to share and improve our practice.
    Look forward to connecting further!

  3. Many people do not like the negative connotation associated with the word s "to fail". 'Wrong"is also a negative word choice. "Poor" as in decisions or results may be as negative. These thoughts bring me right back to my first few blogs about interpretation and translation. Each person's perception is influenced by his or her perspective based on cultural, gender, socioeconomic, religious, political, national, and other factors including genre of dance training and performance/teaching. Few people are "right" or "correct" 100% of the time and perfection is not always attainable. Accepting each other's differences and learned is what we bring to the discussions. We may or may not agree and may or may not use any information shared. I am excited that for once this many people have read and commented on one of my blogs. Thank you!

  4. Each reply reinforces another person's interest in what we have to say. I think we all will need reinforcements in the journey ahead! I have received my grade and happy with it, keen to look at ways to improve and grow but mostly determined to maintain open dialogue with unihub friends and not phased by saying what I think. My main motivation in teaching is connecting intuitively with the dancer and finding methods around the learners defensiveness. This will be an interesting process when interviewing for the next Module and gathering data for research. Perhaps we can try to trust each other and open up to our individual ideas more. By doing this we can learn from each other and provide mutual support. What do you think?