Thursday, March 9, 2017

relevance in clarity, interpretation, and intent

Relevance can be defined as the quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate. 

Clarity can mean the quality of being clear specifically the quality of coherence and intelligibility.

Interpretation is the action of explaining the meaning of something otherwise know as clarification.

Intent is the aim, goal, objective, purpose, or target of an actin or thought.

The relevance of interpretation in this course is defined by the very nature of so many students from so many countries, cultures, political, religious, and other backgrounds. Differing genres of fields of expertise in dance only adds to the layers of differences and similarities between students and colleagues.

Knowing our intent is to further recognize the knowledge we have accumulated through life experience and the desire to further enhance our awareness of our profession. However, each person;s intent varies based on that individual's specialized field of study/dance genre and what the individual wishes to accomplish with the knowledge gained during this portion of life's journey.

As I continue to say and write translation is paramount to understanding what each of us has to say and how we approach our individual careers and courses of study. I cannot begin to imagine what each individual student is choosing to pursue and develop as his/her process in this journey. I only know that words are powerful and often many multiple meanings. Some languages do not have words, phrases, or interpretations that translate or correspond to English, American or British.

Many of us make assumptions of knowledge others should have based on the fact we are all considered professionals in this course. The reality for me is that I feel like one of my students learning for the first time. I have been exposed to many different cultures and forms of dance in my life journey. That limited exposure, however, does not mean I have a full understanding and comprehension of every specific topic being discussed during our Skype chats.

I find interesting the following questions:

1. If our professional experience is personal because it is our own, when does personal experience become professional? If we live and breathe our careers as many of us do, is there a true division of personal and professional?

2. If our writing is to be about personal experience, AOL or research projects, at what point must we be able to distinguish between using peer review sources or other sources such as oped columns or reviews pertaining to our chosen writing and/or research?

3. At what point must we step away from our personal opinions and hopes when doing studies for research to ensure objectivity in our work?

Relevance is defined in this course by what is important to our individual pursuits.

Clarity is necessary as our writing and discussion is being heard or read by people from many differing viewpoints as defined by our own personal lives.

Interpretation is defined by how we interpret words and ideas from one culture or language to another and how we then understand those words to represent a theme or topic.

Intent should define the relevance, clarity, and interpretation and translation of what we say and write. Without clarity in our intent will our words and thoughts ever make the impression we hope to convey to others? Will our efforts be a failure or a success?


  1. I am interested in what 'professional' means today. "An occupation for which there is prolonged training" - it seems like life in general is a profession then!

  2. I like this interpretation. But how do we justify life as professional when communicating with perceived academics or politicians clinging to older definitions or perceptions?