Thursday, September 29, 2016


What is innovation? When does technique no longer become the foundation for dance or art? Artists push boundaries all the time and have done so for centuries. With the invent of shows/companies such as Cirque du Soleil, mainstream audiences now crave dance performances that involve more than technique, costumes, and scenery. Is the post modern movement having a resurgence or are millenials trying to marry the internet and social media with movement, sculpture, or poetry recitation?

Perhaps returning to pure technique might be innovation. I am unsure. But I wonder if the push by festivals and shows such as Cirque du Soleil have begun taking away the beauty of movement in its simplicity. Is a return to simplistic work classicism or is it innovative? Even fashion returns to classic looks every few years to remind and refresh awareness of origins of fashion. Should this be done in dance or are studio owners who now feel booty shorts are not enough coverage for young dancers leading the charge to make dance and costumes more age appropriate?

But is this innovation or conservatism? How do we as teachers and choreographers emphasize foundation in dance without alienating students who turn to dance because of things like aerial work with scarves or dancing with/on poles? Even rhythmic gymnasts must put down their balls, hoops, and other apparatus to execute basic movement.

This week long challenge of technology seems to have me longing for simpler times and cleaner movement.

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